How soon will I hear from  you?
Up to 3 weeks for a proposal.
If we are interested, we will ask for a copy of your manuscript and expect an agreement of exclusivity for the duration your manuscript is with us. We will respond to you within 3 months of the receipt of that manuscript.

If we accept your manuscript for publication, it may take up to a year to finalize the process.

You rejected my manuscript! Don't you realize it was the best book ever? Why did you reject it?
We never reject a piece of intellectual property. All such entities are marvelous and should be honored and revered.  We did not reject your book; we did not reject you. We simply declined to publish it. There are many reasons why we might decline to publish a manuscript.

The author being a whiny, clinging, unyielding, micromanaging diva is probably the most often reason.

Refusal to follow simple directions comes in at #2.

Inability to grasp the concept of the heart and soul of the written word (as opposed to a grocery list - no matter how hot the sex scenes are in it) comes in at #3.

Last as well as the least often and valid reason your manuscript may have been declined by Portals Publishing -- it was really bad; we mourned for the trees which were sacrificed to print the words on the paper.

Other questions like these below are answered in similar fashion:

 Have you published any best-sellers?
How many millions of dollars can I make when you publish my book?
I dont like using capitals or punctuation that's ok right
You oar gonna  fix all uh my spelun hairrors, rite?
If I send you my manuscript today, how soon can you publish it - I've got a date Friday night and it would really be cool if I could give her a copy of the book.

Here at Portals Publishing, LLC, we believe that there is honor in all work. Perhaps you would find a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment if you were to send your manuscript elsewhere. Thank you.

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Plagiarism – The first clause in our contract states:  AUTHOR agrees that all materials accepted by PORTALS PUBLISHING, LLC are original works of the AUTHOR and are not under contract for DIGITAL, TRADE PAPERBACK, or AUDIO publication by another party. Once you sign the contract, I begin the labor-intensive and costly task of editing your manuscript. During that stage, I also utilize a program which compares random sentences to what’s available on-line. Direct matches are then verified by me for possible infringement of intellectual property rights. If you have stolen someone else’s work and claimed it as your own, you are in breach of our contract and this renders it null and void. And any further submissions to any of Denouement Literary Agency’s imprints will be discarded unopened and unacknowledged.  In some cases, legal action will be implemented as is our right.  

DLA and its imprints have ZERO Tolerance for Plagiarism.

The best books are portals to a new world.

If you have a question which is not addressed on the left, please use the contact form below. We will respond to you within 3 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Portals Publishing, LLC

The following are actual questions which I have answered over the last two years:

How do I submit a book to Portals Publishing, LLC?

Look very carefully at the top of the page. See the box SUBMISSIONS? Click on that and read very carefully.

I have a great idea for a best-selling book and I'm sure it's going to be made into an Oscar-worthy movie. Do I have to write it first or can I just send you the idea?

The answer I kept inside my head: Go ahead and send us your manuscript-less ideas. We have a special file for things like that. It's circular.

The actual answer: If you want us to publish your books, it must first and foremost BE a book.

Do you accept already published  (self-published) books?

Self-published books - no, not anymore.

Previously published by reputable company: We'd prefer not to do so. If it was already published, why do it again? If you had a published book that is no longer in print and all rights have reverted to you, let us know that in your proposal packet. I do check. By the way, I also check your bio and for possible plagiarism - because some authors aren't as honest as you are. (Please see statement in yellow box below.)